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    Jason Bond Picks found his way out of the middle-class rut of paycheck to paycheck living and into the freedom of a multi-millionaire life of trading.


    When Jason started trading, he was still a high school gym teacher strapped to the brim with $250,000 in student debt. But driven by the desire to free himself of these burdens, Jason started searching for something he was passionate about that could make him a little extra cash. After finding trading mentor, Jeff Bishop, Jason managed to learn valuable insights that would pay off in a huge way.


    Now, Jason Bond has been a full-time trader for 7 years and has helped countless people through his programs at Jason Bond Picks. He has coached people to make over $1 million in trading profit and has helped people find financial freedom through trading.


    In addition to his own career, Jason Bond is passionate about giving back, and he currently donates his trading proceeds to some of his favorite charities.

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    2019年4月25日 · Jason Bond Picks,Jason Bond,Business,Business Tips
    In today’s American workforce, more professionals are quitting their current positions to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. For most entrepreneurs, the concept of opening their own business becomes increasingly appealing, especially as technology continues to open up more opportunities to try...
    When thinking about the concept of trading, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the industry has continued to evolve over the years. Part of this evolution has come from recent advances in technology. In addition to attracting more people into the trading industry, technology provides...
    Americans across the country know about and have a basic understanding of what stock trading is, given the stock market’s long and detailed history. They may not have a strong grasp on what stock trading entails but likely have heard about it throughout the years. Options trading, on the other...
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    What Is Options Trading?

    Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks lays out what options trading it, and how it differs from day trading.

    About Jason Bond, Professional Trainer

    Learn more about who Jason Bond is, how he entered trading, and how he ended up co-founding Raging Bull Trading.

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