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    Entrepreneur. Trading Mentor.

    Jason Bond is a professional trader and educator that has become known for his work through the trading programs Raging Bull Trading and Jason Bond Picks. Jason is known for his story of finding his way out of the middle-class rut of paycheck to paycheck living and into the freedom of a multi-millionaire life of trading.


    When Jason Bond started trading, he was still a high school gym teacher strapped to the brim with $250,000 in student debt. But driven by the desire to free himself of these burdens, Jason started searching for something he was passionate about that could make him a little extra cash. After finding trading mentor, Jeff Bishop, Jason managed to learn valuable insights that would pay off in a huge way.


    Now, Jason Bond has been a full-time trader for 7 years and has helped countless people through his programs at Jason Bond Picks. He has coached people to make over $1 million in trading profit and has helped people find financial freedom through trading.


    In addition to his own career, Jason Bond is passionate about giving back, and he currently donates his trading proceeds to some of his favorite charities. In 2019, he started Raging Bull Giving, which focuses on supporting the community by donating to charitable organizations.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    August 28, 2020 · Jason Bond,Jason Bond Picks,entrepreneurship,Business
    Making mistakes is part of life. We all make them and should learn from them. Business is no different. Below are some of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when launching a new business. Business Partnerships Having a partner in a business can be very appealing. However, you need...
    August 28, 2020 · Jason Bond,Jason Bond Picks,trading,Stocks
    One of the biggest challenges of investing in the stock market, or any financial market for that matter, is knowing when to sell. It takes both self-control, an in-depth understanding of all economic factors, and proper risk management to make the right exit call. Here are four signs to recognize...
    June 25, 2020 · Jason Bond Picks,Jason Bond,Trading,Stocks,Stock Market
    For many stockholders, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc upon their stocks. Over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment as businesses have shut down, and people have been laid off. Gross domestic product is also expected to go down 53% in the second quarter. However, some stocks have actually...
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    A selection of editorials I've worked on

    What Is Raging Bull?

    Jason Bond Picks and Jeff Bishop talk about what Raging Bull Trading is, and how it benefits both new and experienced traders looking to master stock trading.

    Millionaire Roadmap Miami Mastermind

    Jason Bond Picks talks about his program, Millionaire Roadmap, which he offers through Raging Bull Trading.

    Learn Day Trading Strategies For Beginners: Swing Trading

    Jason Bond Picks introduces swing trading, and goes into the trading approach in further detail.

    Penny Stocks For Beginners With Jason Bond Picks

    Learn more about penny stock trading with Jason Bond Picks.

    Small Business Tips To Remember During The Coronavirus

    Jason Bond provides helpful small business tips to remember during the coronavirus.

    AAPL Bull Put Trade Walk-through with Jason Bond

    Jason Bond goes through APPL bull put trade and explains his logic.

    Top 5 Trading Books For 2020

    Jason Bond introduces the top 5 trading books to read in 2020.

    Top 20 Hottest Momentum Stocks

    Jason Bond talks about the top 20 hottest momentum stocks.

    Jason Bond Explains "Bear & Bull Flags"

    Check out the video to hear Jason Bond talk about bear & bull reg flags.

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    “Ive learned so much from JasonBondPicks! I was mind blown in how easy stock trading can be if you take the time to learn his strategies. No regrets in joining the service.”

    -Alexa A.

    “I started with Jason Bond Picks one month ago, and already see improvements in my trading. This week I entered the NBEV trade, bought 2,000 shares and sold all for a $3,430 profit. I’m stoked to be a new member.”

    -Matt L.

    “I really liked Jason’s enthusiasm, his credibility, and his easy-to-follow teaching methods. So I signed up, and dove head first into his system, and the JBP online community.”​

    -Thomas W.

    “I am very new to trading, but Jason’s training is brilliant i’ve learnt a lot from it so far, keep doing what you are doing Jason, your training is changing lives.”​

    -Mike T.

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    Learn more about the work that Jason Bond does as a Professional Trader, Educator, Philanthropist, & Small Business Expert.

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    Jason Bond Picks Main Website

    Trading Mentor | Visionary Entrepreneur

    Jason Bond Picks Philanthropy Blog

    After co-founding the Ragingbull.com Foundation with Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond Picks started a monthly blog on philanthropy.

    Jason Bond Picks Small Business Website

    Get great tips on small businesses from professional trader and entrepreneur Jason Bond Picks.

    Raging Bull Trading

    Learn more about Jason Bond Picks and his work as a trader and educator with Raging Bull Trading.

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